How Kim Kardashian Maquilla

Today there is no person who does not know the name of Kim Kardashian, she is a popular businesswoman, protagonist of one of the most watched reality shows worldwide, which not only catapulted her fame, but that of the entire Kardashian clan Jenner. These famous sisters have known how to take advantage of fame, get the juice and become multimillionaire entrepreneurs, standing out in the world of fashion and of course, makeup .

How Kim Kardashian Maquilla maquilla kardashian

After that brief introduction, it is not surprising that everything Kim uses or implements for her lifestyle, becomes so viral and popular that all girls and even many boys want to use and copy, such is the case of her famous makeup, which we must also say that it was she who imposed the fashion of “face contour” that helps improve the features without surgery, improving the cheekbones, nose, eyes and of course, lips. For all those who wish to learn to make a makeup like a Kardashian, here we leave Kim’s makeup.

Kim’s secrets

After the success of the makeup brand of Kylie Jenner, Kim’s younger sister, she decided that she did not want to be left behind, so she took out her own brand called KKW Beauty, but nevertheless, before that, her makeup was a reference in the Mundo and his personal makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic , revealed the secrets of a Kardashian makeup, in his master class courses that he has taught, these are some of them.

Step 1

The first step for Kim’s makeup was impeccable, is to first make the whole face, leaving the hairstyle for the end, because when applying the fixative spray does not affect the makeup, so you know girls, first the makeup, then the hairstyle, not the other way around.

How Kim Kardashian Maquilla maquilla kardashian

Step 2

As a second step, it is very important to moisturize the skin, you must place a cream, first or some serum that give that touch of hydration and life to the skin, that if, it must be something very light, that is absorbed easily, but that The skin is also slightly moist at the time of applying the base, so that these two products are unified to achieve a better result.

Step 3

As we discussed in the previous step, next and before you have completely dried the moisturizer, you should apply the base, which should be the exact tone of your skin, that is Kim’s secret, because not only apply the base all over the face, including the eyelids, but also placed throughout the body, neck, chest, arms and even legs, especially when it is an important event such as a red carpet, where it is completely exposed to flashes of the cameras and where they are always waiting to capture the smallest detail. As an additional fact, Dedivanovic also recommends putting on the ears because they will not appear red in all the photos.

Step # 5

As we mentioned, Kim was one of the first figures that made the outline fashionable, which consists of applying lighter and darker shades on the features to perfect them, then your first step is to moisten the brush, to take the product much better , then apply correction of dark circles, also on the nose, chin, smudges, seals with loose powder, and begins with the outline.

How Kim Kardashian Maquilla maquilla kardashian

For the “contouring” first apply the dark tone, the KKW Beauty is creamy, therefore recommends applying a moderate amount, this goes all around the face and cheekbones, then the clearer on the areas such as the birth of the eyebrow, on the nose, a line under the lower eyelid, after all the product has been applied, it is time to blur everything very well, starting with the dark tones and continuing with the clear ones.

Step # 6

All these products should be sealed in cream with the loose powder, after the base is applied, this powder is responsible for fixing everything so that the skin is much smoother, prepared for shade, colors and of course the illuminator.

Step # 7

For the eyes, Kim’s make-up artist highlights his eyebrows and eyelashes, which give that intense look to his brown almond eyes . Ensure that for the eyebrows, first use a dark pencil to fill and shape the eyebrow, but then the clearing when you approach the area where the eyebrow is born, this gives a super natural finish. For the eyelashes, Kim uses false eyelashes that are made to measure, so this gives her a very natural but impressive look.

Step # 8

To color the cheeks apply a little blush on the cheekbones, then the time of the illuminator, which is applied in several key points, not only on the upper part of the cheek, but on the nose and on the upper lip, to give it a much brighter look.

How Kim Kardashian Maquilla maquilla kardashian

Step # 9

Kim is always characterized by wearing subtle lips in nudes or neutral tones, they are her favorites, but we have also seen her with much stronger tones, which highlight her lips, everything will depend on the outfit of the day.

Here we leave a short video, where Kim makes her own makeup, from a daily routine using her products.


How Kim Kardashian Maquilla maquilla kardashian

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