How to apply the eyeliner

Now I will show you how to apply the eyeliner. Eyes can be one of the most expressive areas of the body, as far as the eyes of some person can provide clues about their mood, personality and energy . The use of eyeliner can help to create the personality, the exact climate or the energy that you want to transmit. Use the eyeliner incorrectly I could make your eyes look very small, uneven and tired.

The use of an eye-defining device can help create the exact climate, personality or energy. An eye-defining brush is a small, flat brush. Many of them have a rest edge, others a very sharp edge, and some possess both. An eye contour brush can be used with dry or wet eye trimmers and can be used to make precision lines or to have to mix. Next I will show you how to apply the eyeliner step by step:

How to apply the eyeliner eyeliner apply

– First you have to dip the eyeliner brush in the powder or cream eyeliner. You should always touch the brush on the edge of the container to exclude excess dust.

– Now you have to hold the tip of your brush parallel to the upper lashes. Then have your ring finger or pinky rest on your nose so you can stylize your hand. You must start gently at the outer corner to access the correct application.

– Apply the eyeliner cream or powder with small even strokes just over your eyelashes. Start from the corner of your eye and move towards the outer corner. A sharpen edge-defining brush can help if you have difficulty applying the eyeliner on the inside corner. So you should strive to draw the line of a very even width, including the closest you can to the eyelashes.

How to apply the eyeliner eyeliner apply

– You must keep the brush parallel to your eyelashes and then blur the powder or cream eyeliner by pulling the brush in an upward movement towards the outside as close as possible to the outer corner of your eye. You must melt the lines until there is no imperceptible edge between one end and the other.

– You must move the lower eyelid. To do this, use the inside edge of the iris as your guide to start the bottom line. Do not start the line in the inner corner, as it will make the eyes look much smaller.

– Now you must delineate the outer corner of your eye, but do not touch the top line. You must draw the line with an individual movement. For the focus of the strokes will keep the line very subtle. The line can become much heavier as the outer corner of the eye moves.

– Now you have to mix the line together with the eye setter using the brush parallel to the lashes downwards. Then dip a cotton swab into a little eye makeup remover for any cleaning that is needed.

How to apply the eyeliner eyeliner apply

How to apply liquid eyeliner

Eye Makeup Tips

Below I will give you some eye makeup tips, so pay close attention.

– Shadows:

For the autumn and winter season you can use earth tones: gold, green, ocher, orange, etc. If you have brown skin it is better to use orange or beige. And if instead you have white skin use darker shades, but that are within the range of lands too.

– Outlined:

If your eyes are small, offender them from the outside to make them look great. On the other hand, if they are large, they are offended on the inside and the upper eyelid on the eyelashes so they do not look so big.

For a long time it was fashionable the thick outline on the inside, but also that they make the smallest eyes look, making them out is more fun because it takes advantage of the lower lashes.

– Mascara of eyelashes :

I recommend you use mascara in black or brown if your skin is very white and your hair blond. Other colors just saturate your colored eyes incorrectly.

– False eyelashes:

The false eyelashes make any girl look a shocking look. You can find synthetic hair, natural, whole and hair to hair. I recommend you check the length of the false eyelashes. They must achieve a natural effect, therefore, look in a mirror as your eyes look. If they are very long you can cut them with a pair of scissors. You can also dare to use them in colors on informal occasions that you have to go.

How to apply the eyeliner eyeliner apply

– Lips:

If you use smoky makeup or other colorful style, the excellent thing is to use soft tones on the lips to highlight the eyes and focus on that area of ​​the face. If the shadows you chose were soft or pale, then you can put more color on the lips.

I hope these makeup tips can help you. Until next time.

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How to apply the eyeliner eyeliner apply

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