How to make up for New Year's Eve

Hello girls how are you, well this time I will show you how to make a makeup that can be used for the old night, so I will show you step by step and so to start:

– Now the colors that will be fashionable are the very dark violet colors and gold, so I will explain the makeup below. The first shade that will be used will be the golden shade and will be applied throughout the mobile eyelid, with light touches and do not forget to concentrate the color very well.

How to make up for New Year's Eve

-When you have applied the golden shadow on the mobile eyelid, you will use a biased brush with a very dark and strong violet color, it is applied on the outside of the eye and the basin is marked very well so that later it diffuses upwards . Now with the same brush that was applied the golden shadow is going to fade and then help with a brush of loose hair.

– Now take the shade of pink color and apply by enzyme of the purple color so that the cut is blurred. The arch of the eyebrow will light up with my favorite shade that is the vanilla mate.

– Now make up the lower part of the eyelid, to do this, first take the golden shade and apply it to the lacrimal area and the lower part of the eyelashes, but only until it almost reaches the iris.

– The purple shadow is taken with the same brush and from the outside of the eye the lower part is made up until it reaches the golden color.

– Now we are going to delineate the lower line of the lashes with black liquid eyeliner and then we are going to delineate the upper line of the lashes, we draw a thin and thin line flush with the lashes. Then the tail is made.

How to make up for New Year's Eve

– Now we will apply mascara, for this we will use a black mascara and it will be applied to the lower lashes as well as to the upper lashes, in the form of zinc zac, one or two layers of mascara. If you wish you can put false eyelashes.

– Then apply makeup to the cheeks and there I have commented that it is very fashionable a blush in peach tone and sure this New Year’s Eve will sit very well, so I recommend you use it you will not regret . Then you are going to apply the peach-colored blush from the manzanita to almost wound up at one hundred with a special brush to apply rouge.

– Finally and ending with the makeup of New Year’s Eve is going to apply a gloss wine tone on the lips, it is a very beautiful tone that seats all the girls, so I recommend them to conquer their prince. Well girls, these are all the steps of how to make up for New Year’s Eve , I hope you like it and put it into practice.

How to make up for New Year's Eve

Make-up step by step for New Year’s Eve:

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How to make up for New Year's Eve

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