How to Make up in a Few Minutes

I am that several times you can not invest as much time as you want in makeup . And is that between stress, haste or even children, it is a bit complicated to make a spectacular makeup. For that reason, I thought it would be convenient to teach you to do a make-up in a few minutes . A makeup that only takes five minutes of your time and with which you will achieve a very natural result. Then the steps to make a makeup in a few minutes: How to Make up in a Few Minutes minutes

1.- Firstly what you are going to use is an anti-dark-skinned product, and that is to treat dark circles is very important, or also known by other people as a corrector, which, should be a little clearer than the base of makeup, when applying it must extend very well so that there are no empty spaces. You also have to be very careful not to apply the concealer on small wrinkles around the eyes.

2.- The foundation is essential. Well this has to be a tone similar to the natural tone of your skin and you can apply it on your face with a soft sponge so it will not irritate your skin.

3.- Now is the time to apply a little translucent powder with a brush of loose hairs all over the face to seal the base and also to have an aspect like velvet.

4.- Apply an eye shadow with the help of a thin brush and apply it on your eyelids so that you give light to your eyes. The beige and mandarin tones are perfect because they provide a natural look.

5.- Finally, but it does not stop being important, you should not forget to apply a good lipstick on the lips. Remember to first delineate them and then paint them in light colors. If you want you can apply a little lip gloss or gloss.

How to Make up in a Few Minutes minutes

To finish with this article on how to put on makeup in a few minutes, I’ll give you soon other elements that you can add to this makeup in a few minutes.

Other additional tricks:

These tricks that I will give you right away can help you if you have something more than five minutes to do the makeup.

– You can apply a layer of mascara or mascara black or brown on your upper lashes to give a better effect to your makeup. It is important that you do not forget that if you stick them separate with a special comb for it.

– You can also apply a little blush to color your face. You must apply it on the area that protrudes more from the cheekbones and then blend it very well towards the part of the temple.

How to Make up in a Few Minutes minutes

I think that now there is no excuse for you to make up at the beginning of the day and look radiant. Remember that it will only take five minutes of your time.

  Elegant and natural day makeup :

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How to Make up in a Few Minutes minutes

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