How to make up in autumn

The makeup for this fall season comes full of glamor and elegance. The skin is the main protagonist and the colors for the day are very flattering and soft, but in the morning you do not have much time to put on makeup, that is why I have decided to give you some advice on how to make up in the autumn in a quick and simple way .

1.- The skin:

First you have to prepare the skin for it you have to follow the following steps:

– Facial Cleansing:

As makeup is going to make for the day it is important that you cleanse your face. Well, it will only take you two minutes.

– Tonic:

This is optional, if you like to use it do it after cleaning the face, that you do wait a few seconds before applying the tonic.

– Hydration:

Use a moisturizer for your skin type, when you apply a very gentle massage to activate the blood circulation and provide luminosity to the skin.

– Corrector:

Wait two minutes for the moisturizer to be absorbed while you look for the tools to start with the makeup and start applying the concealer in the dark circles, pimples, scars, spots, etc., and then blur with the tips of your fingers.

2.- Foundation of makeup:

Now you are going to apply the base of makeup and for this you must use a light base since for the make-ups of autumn and especially for the day you look for a very transparent skin. The foundation can be applied with the tips of the fingers or with a sponge all over the face.

How to make up in autumn autumn

3.- Eyes:

Start with your eyebrows to frame your look. Remember that the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes.

4.- Eyebrows:

For this season of the year the eyebrows are more marked but without passing, be careful not to put much product because it could harden your eyes. Use an eyebrow pencil or a shadow to make up.

5.- Shadows:

– Clear shadow: apply a light matte shadow on the entire eyelid of your eye with a brush a little thick.

– Dark shadow: apply a shadow in a dark earth tone with a medium brush only to frame the bone.

6.- Pencil:

If you want to give a touch of trend to your makeup mark your eyes with a black pencil and then blend in the lower eyelid to provide more intensity but without getting to make your eyes smoky.

7.- Mascara:

Apply two layers of waterproof eyelash mascara so it does not run and lasts all day.

8.- Rouge:

Use rouge in earth tone mate or it can also be in peach tone to contour your face and if you want you can give a touch of pink right in the center of your cheekbones.

How to make up in autumn autumn

9.- Lips:

It will be enough to apply a lip moisturizer or apply a touch of gloss.

These are all steps to make a makeup for fall, as you see is very easy to do, so do not stop practicing.

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How to make up in autumn autumn

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