Makeup for Graduation Party

The graduation parties are approaching and you already have your perfect dress and also your hairstyle, but you still need your makeup . But do not worry anymore, because this time I will give you makeup ideas that you can use depending on your personal style or the one you have chosen for that important and special night.

– Skin:

Before using any type of makeup you should clean the skin very well and also moisturize it, then apply the makeup base but it is a tone very similar to the natural tone of the skin. Remember that it is not about covering the face but simply providing a more uniform tone, for this I recommend that you use a foundation of waterproof makeup. If you want, then you can apply translucent powders, this is in order to fix the makeup better.

– Eyebrows:

If you want to define them, you can use a little shade of a shade more clear than the natural tone of your eyebrows. But keep in mind that you should not apply very exaggerated, because the ideal is to look natural, then you can apply a little transparent gel for eyebrows.

Makeup for Graduation Party party makeup graduation

Natural makeup for prom:

This option is excellent for those who want to add a little color to their face with makeup but not so loaded, it is a natural makeup and elegant at the same time, it is also ideal for a graduation party that will take place during the day.

– Rouge:

Apply a bronzer tone just below your cheeks and on them apply the illuminator, because this will give a natural effect to the face but with a touch of color and definition.

– Eyes:

Apply a beige eyeshadow, then you will delineate the inside and top of your eyes, either in dark or black coffee and end up applying mascara. Or you can only delineate the upper part of your eyes by making a very thin line flush with the upper lashes.

– Lips:

To finish the makeup you can simply apply a little bit of lip gloss or gloss or a pink or beige lipstick.

Makeup for Graduation Party party makeup graduation

Sophisticated makeup for prom:

This is an attractive and fun look with which you can play with colors and bring your lips or eyes full of color, but this will depend on the range you are using.

– Blush:

If your skin is brown you can apply a strong pink or peach tone on your cheeks, and if it is white, a pink is better. Remember not to apply too much since the attention should be on the lips or in the eyes.

– Eyes:

For this makeup you can simply delineate your eyes of some intense or strong color such as green, blue or violet, if you wish, instead of delineating apply a single shadow and mascara.

– Lips:

Apply a touch of color with a pink lipstick or the color you want on your lips.

Makeup for Graduation Party party makeup graduation

Makeup look for your graduation:

I also recommend that you access to:

Makeup for Graduation Party party makeup graduation

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