Makeup for Summer Brides

Weddings or weddings come with the summer season, because sunny and warm days are ideal for organizing a casual and elegant wedding in a country house, a terrace, a garden or on the beach. And yet, it has all the requirement to organize that has any marriage, the same varies in comparison with the celebrations in winter or autumn, when it takes place indoors and the details are very elegant. So today I will give you tips on makeup for brides in summer. So pay close attention. Makeup for Summer Brides summer makeup brides

Makeup trend: nude tones.

Nude color makeup , since two years ago, took a special relevance within the makeup trends for the newspaper and also for gala events. It is a makeup that leaves a relaxed and natural finish, in which one looks makeup and at the same time relax but equally favored and elegant. It is the makeup that comes very well for a marriage in which it must be perfect for many hours and more if it is in summer because it requires naturalness.

– Base:

The softest tones are the most appropriate for the makeup of a bride in summer time. You have to start with the makeup base, so it is advisable to opt for the matt tones in a tone that resembles the skin tone. The base of makeup will be applied with a sponge or with the fingertips so that it has a more natural finish.

– Eyes:

For the eyes, shades of very soft tones and skin tones, such as soft ones in gold or brown, for brides with brown or pink skin for white brides. The shadow should also be applied where the eyeliner goes, this is because it does not go with the nude makeup, and you always have to blend the tones very well.

Makeup for Summer Brides summer makeup brides

– Rouge:

The summer season has days of warm sun and recalls the tans, so a tan touch for dark skin or a pink tone for white skin are ideal as a blush.

– Lips:

On the lips should go with lipsticks that assimilate the natural color of the skin, and a touch of blush, very popular today. There is a detail that makes the makeup look very attractive and is mascara or mascara in transparent or brown, so it will give a lot of definition to the eyelashes.

Makeup for Summer Brides summer makeup brides

Now that you have chosen the makeup that you will wear on your wedding day, it is time to define a hairstyle that suits you very well with that image you want to express. For this, the best thing is that you opt for loose hairstyles with delicate waves and put on natural flowers to decorate your hair. I assure you that with this makeup you will look beautiful.

Secrets of professional makeup for brides:

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Makeup for Summer Brides summer makeup brides

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